Exotic Animal Experiences:

Get hands-on experiences with our variety of exotic mammals, reptiles, birds, and bugs.

A fun exciting and educational experience for kids and adults alike. Enjoy learning about some of our amazing exotic animals during our interactive shows. Small shows are about 30min and include 5 animals. Large shows are about an hour and include 10 animals.

Small Show: $400.00

Large Show: $525.00

What an exciting way to celebrate a birthday! We bring a hands-on experience to your party; including taking pictures, and/or holding some of our beautiful exotic animals. Parties are 30-45min and include 6 animals.

$425.00 30-45min

Have a fair, festival, party, or event that you want exotic animals at, but don’t want it in a timed show? This is for you! We provide a hands-on experience for your guests to enjoy at their leisure throughout your event. Pictures are always encouraged as guests can touch or hold some animals. While they can learn about them from our keeper. We provide 4-6 animals on display starting at 2hrs. A table and tent can be provided

$600.00 2hrs. and $200 per hour afterwards

***Pricing does NOT include travel fees. Travel fees may apply.***

Beared Dragon